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Recently, Polytech Alumni has started a Crowdfunding in order to finance a collaborative platform dedicated to the Polytech community.

As our graduated community is focused on international expansion, we wanted to make our campaign available and understandable for all. This is the reason why you can find below the English version of the content presented in our crowdfunding page.

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We need a big support from our network to make this project real and even sharing this page would help us a lot.


Basic information of the project

A big communication campaign has been done before the release of the crowdfunding. Discover our project, carried by associations of graduates of the Polytech network schools through articles published on the Polytech Alumni website:

What is Polytech network? What is Polytech Alumni?

The Polytech network, which has graduated 70 000 engineers from the 14 schools (80 specialities), is today one of the largest engineering network in France.

Polytech Alumni is an association that aims to federate  12 associations of alumni the belong to Polytech network. Those associtions administer the alumni’s network, with the mission of developing common services for graduates from different schools and generalizing  good practices.

The project and its origin

Founded two and a half years ago, the federation of Polytech alumni network develops services for graduates.

The project of common platform for graduates of the network aims to support associations and schools to optimize services put in place and to allow the development of new inter-schools services .

Begun at the end of 2016, the project has already passed the stage of framing, expression of the need, specifications, tendering and analysis of competition, leading to the choice of the provider.

We are today at the funding stage. This will allow us to sign the contract before setting up and finally launch the platform!

Here is an overview of the desired platform :

But for that we need you!


Polytech Alumni today’s initiative aims to developp various projects, such as:

  • « Made in Polytech » which promotes entrepreneurs that have created value and innovations for our network.
  • « Polytech Porteur de Sens » which give an opportunity to graduates wishing to get invested in citizen projects that bring meaning into various issues (energy transition, ecology, solidarity commitment, promotion of culture …).
  • « Polytech Alumni dans ta Ville », which offers graduates to come together on various occasions (afterworks (APA), picnics (PAPN), or networking events) everywhere in the world. A local anchorage with the network is essential.

The Polytech network is made up of engineers spread over the whole surface of the globe, presenting real opportunities but also constraints. The creation of a collaborative working tool would make possible to streamline the communication around various projects, enabling everyone to get involved by giving the opportunity to interact with all the graduates.

How can you help us ?

We need you to fund this project, and there are three different ways to support us:

  • By communicating around, to your friend and personnal network the crowdfunding campaign: sharing articles and information.
  • By contributing financially: starting at 10 euros, with associated compensation
  • By becoming a donating member of the association for a period of 3 years: contribution from 300 euros, with associated compensation (for any question: bienfaiteurs@polytech-alumni.fr)

Several stages have been defined (12 000€, 15 000€, 50 000€, 150 000€).


Each stage will allow to finance and launch associated actions, determining the level of success of the campaign and the means and services that will be available to graduates of  Polytech network.

It’s your turn!

To help us, you can choose from 6 packs (4 contributor and 2 benefactor packs lasting 3 years).
Because every contribution counts to develop the tool we need, we would like to offer you a reward regardless of the amount of your donation.
The following graphic describes the contents of each pack:

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Project Details

A common project to all graduates of schools within the Polytech network …. What is our goal?

With more than 70,000 engineers operating worldwide, the network of graduates from Polytech schools is one of the largest engineering network in France. Its graduates are marked by a strong will to undertake and launch initiatives, however, without organization and with a strong geographical dispersion, such a size makes the communication and the development of joint projects harder.

Structuring it is therefore the big priority in order to developp successfully the strength of our graduate network.

The implementation of an information system (IS) common to our network would turn this constraint to a real advantage, allowing to work at graduates’ scale of each school but also at the level of all Polytech graduates and graduates from schools that later will become Polytech.

ENG - visuel HB

A common digital platform: expression of the need

The personalized digital platform will be the image of our community. It would enable us to propose a set of services to graduates of our network, encouraging exchanges, networking and collaborative work, with the following objectives:

  • To maintain a strong and specific animation at the graduate level of each school.
  • To set up common services, accessible to all graduates.
  • To develop territorial animation for graduates located outside the zone of activity of their school’s association.
  • To enable the setting up of joint activities: business groups, entrepreneurs, visibility of network entrepreneurs and link with business angels, employment, thematic groups (diversity, sustainable development …) …
  • To simplify the management of our network and enable graduates to be actor of the development of their networks via an « active » (community management) rather than a « passive » (CRM: Client Relationship Management) platform.
  • To facilitate the creation of links between people outside the network (companies).
  • To strengthen links between students and graduates on the one hand and with the school’s network on the other.

The collaborative tool will have to be adaptable and easily evolutive, in order to manage a recent construction involving 14 networks of graduates from different Polytech schools.

A common digital platform: specifications

This platform will allow all graduates to quickly access  to what makes the strength of an Alumni network. It will have to be flexible, modular and intuitive and will allow all  members:

  • To consult easily and quickly the complete directory of graduates of the network in different formats (lists by channels, or geographic location, …).
  • To visualize job offers and internships disseminated to the attention of graduates and students.
  • To disseminate job offers and internships to graduates and students.
  • To be notified of events in the nearby community, and to organize some.
  • To encourage the development of innovative, solidarity, artistic or even sport projects.
  • To foster mutual aid and collaborative work among graduates, as well as to allow more specific visibility and support for entrepreneurs.

A common digital platform: choice of solution

The market analysis, started in November 2016, made us to select the provider « Hivebrite », which appeared to be the most relevant to our needs.

The Hivebrite platform already equips different networks of graduates but is also oriented towards the management of business communities (ecosystem entrepreneurs Microsoft). By clicking the link, you can find a very good example of a community created with the professional partner we are turning to (platform set up for BSB).

Key elements of the solution: community management

The selected solution has the following advantages for managing communities:

  • an « active » management with an interface encouraging navigation and functionalities promoting co-construction with graduates.
  • the provision of a mobile application.
  • the management of a global community, easy to set up on a group scale, meeting our need to animate the network specific to each school.

Key elements of the solution: Implementation of functionalities for network enhancement

The selected solution has the following advantages over network upgrading:

  • The geographical restitution of the data (location of the graduates, events, jobs …).
  • The creation and management at the level of each club, in order to adapt to the needs of corporate, thematic, business groups …
  • The setting of jobs space.
  • The creation of a new spaces on demand.
  • The creation of a space for the valorization of companies created by graduates.

Key elements of the solution: intelligent interface with different social networks for the connection and sharing of information

The selected solution has the following advantages for connecting to social networks:

  • Integration with LinkedIn (import profile and update in one click).
  • Social login (login with Facebook or LinkedIn account).

Key elements of the solution: community management toolkit for associations

The selected solution has the following advantages for the management of communities by the associations:

  • Management of events with a ticket office (sums adapted to value the members).
  • Membership Management.
  • Creation of customizable tools for managing mail campaign’s.
  • Creation of specific tools (for example, campaigns to update information in one click via LinkedIn),
  • Development of an online payment platform.
  • Data analysis (mailing campaign performance reports, KPI engagement of graduates in the community).

The settings for the platform defined by Polytech Alumni:

  • Access to a global community gathering graduates’ netoworks, restored in geographical cartography, with advanced filters and search criteria.
  • Establishment of a closed group by school, with automatic addition of graduates to the creation of the member’s account, according to his school of origin.
  • Possibility of adding subgroups.
  • Access and implementation of specific functionalities and groups within schools, according to the defined programs (defined by membership program, diploma status or even student status).
  • External access with restricted rights defined according to the type of profile (school staff, recruiters, partners …).

Why did we choose a crowdfunding? Why Helloasso?

Launching such a platform represents a cost for installation and maintenance that is not negligible. To achieve this through participatory financing, it is possible to measure the interest and commitment of graduates on the project and thus ensure the sustainability of the solution.

Achieving the goals set for the crowdfunding campaign will help ensure that graduates have the ability to have a structure and tools tailored to the size of our network.
The HelloAsso platform, hosting crowdfunding, is intended for associative organizations by offering a 100% free service.

One click or one share of that link would help us a lot

Remenber, we prefer 1000 contributions of 10€ rather than 10 contributions of 1000€ (but we accept both 🙂 ).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via: crowdfunding@polytech-alumni.fr.